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About Maple

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Maple is all about a wider, thematic approach to learning for Year 3, Year 4, & Year 5. 

We supplement and enhance knowledge gained at school with educational videos, interactive exercises, and downloadable homework.

Core Subjects

Why choose Maple?

Personal teaching is at the heart of everything we do.

That’s why all our lessons are introduced by a real tutor with a smile and someone your child can relate to. Our philosophy is to educate and inspire with unique lessons your child is guaranteed to remember.

What members are saying

Jane Franton
Jane Franton
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My daughter loves Maple Online and it's really helped her catch up during lockdown!
John Akertan
John Akertan
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Great resources and interactive lessons.

Tutoring at a fraction of the cost

For as little as £24.00 per month, your little darling can access structured lessons, activities and complete homework, all in the comfort of your own home.


We believe in teaching concepts that are engaging in a thematic way. We teach in bitesize chunks and repeat key topics so your child can feel happy and confident.

All our lessons are introduced by Miss Garnett who has had experience of teaching primary school students for over a decade.

All our lessons and modules are designed for a child to be able to learn independently. That means you can sit back and relax why your darling is watching the lesson and completing the tasks.

Some parents like working with their child together and even learn a thing or two themselves!

Our subscription doesn’t auto-renew which means you are in charge of if you want to pay for another month.