This is a perfect programme for you if your aim is to enter your child for the 11+ exam.  With over a decade of helping hundreds of children with both the GL and CEM syllabi, we are confident that we can bring a new way of learning to increase your child’s chances of passing.  

From January to September we will host full 2-hour mock exams online once a month.  We aim to replicate a real-life exam experience so that children are fully prepared for the real test.  Proper guidance and support is provided at each stage of the mock test.

We know that Covid-19 has severely disrupted learning this year.  This tutoring programme will help your child work through national curriculum levels with confidence and get to where they should be.  

This is a very good age to really embed key concepts of maths and English.  Choose this tuition programme to accelerate your child’s learning.  

Quality Video lessons

Lessons on maths, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

Posted learning packages

Learning packages sent to your door every month. (buy-in option)

Weekly PDF Homework

Homework that is easy to print off.

Online Safety

All of our lessons are pre-recorded and engaging.

11+ Preparation

We prepare students for the 11+ exam in year 6.

Guaranteed engagement

Our modules are varied and fun for students.

A dynamic learning site packed with video lessons, modules in maths, English & 11+.

Video Lessons that

Activities that


A dynamic and flexible alternative to weekly tutoring.

£24 per month

*Terms and conditions apply.

Consistent Teaching perspective

As founder of Maple online learning, I am also the headteacher. I love children and have been a primary tutor for many years. Children engage with my original lessons in maths, English and general knowledge. See how much your child can learn by choosing a free trial today.


new ways of Learning

We combine the right mix of visual and traditional resources to teach new concepts. Having 24-hour access to our modules means your child can re-run lessons as many times as necessary to become confident and happy.


Learn anywhere

The best thing about online tutorials is that your child can continue to learn anytime, anywhere. The need to travel for tuition or worry about missing a scheduled lesson is no longer an issue.

What our customers say


Thank you for continually updating your website with MapleMagic for Thomas, this is great, and the activities are varied. Your help is so much appreciated in the current situation.

Henry Haydon


Billy loved this when he was in lockdown and learned so much. The weekly modules are well structured and highly engaging!

Dr J Barris


To all the team at Maple - thank you so much. Ajinth scored 145 on his 11+ exam.

Mrs Patel


Engaging content for my younger son in year 4.

Michael Stanmore