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We provide online tutorial support for Year 5 students who will sit the 11+ or entrance exams.

Our educational videos, interactive exercises, exams, and downloadable homework are a fantastic way to get familiar with eleven plus questions.

Improve speed & confidence

The 11+ Exam

Buckinghamshire and Kent provide two types of secondary schools.

Grammar schools and upper schools. Grammar schools admit children based on their performance in the 11+ test. GL Assessments provide the testing and consequently, we teach to meet the 11+ requirements. 

All of the questions on GL Assessment’s 11+ papers are taken from its Question Bank, a secure collection of 13,000 questions that is continually being expanded with new questions and question types.

At Maple Online, we are constantly adding new question types to help children get more familiar with exams.

What members are saying

Maple has been instrumental in helping my son to pass the 11+ examination in November 2020. 
Maple was very quick to introduce their new online platform, Maple Online. My son passed the 11+ examination achieving an excellent mark. He will be attending Aylesbury Grammar school in September 2021.
Much love and thanks to the whole Maple team. 

Tutoring at a fraction of the cost

For as little as £24.00 per month, your little darling can access structured lessons, activities and complete homework, all in the comfort of your own home.


Each child will have a question booklet and a separate answer sheet for each test paper which is something many children may not be familiar with. The question booklet will contain all the necessary instructions about taking the test and all the test questions.

Honestly… yes. But with a solid exposure of 11+ question types, your child will be better prepared. Working with your son and daughter at home is a good place to start. Reading books at bedtime and involving them with everyday activities goes a long way.

Paper A will include verbal reasoning and technical English and has a weighting of 50%. Paper B includes mathematical problems and non-verbal. These both have a weighting of 25%.